Sodium Benzoate USP, BP, EP

Sodium Benzoate USP, BP, EP

Product code : S122

CAS No. : 532-32-1

Molecular Formula : C6H5COONa

Molecular Weight : 144.10

Synonym : Benzenecarboxylic Acid Sodium Salt, Benzoic Acid Sodium Salt, Phenylformic Acid Sodium Salt

Sodium Benzoate has a chemical formula of C7H5NaO2 with CAS No – 532-32-1. It can be produced by reacting sodium hydroxide with benzoic acid. Sodium Benzoate is an antimicrobial preservative and flavouring agent used in the food industry and a tablet and capsule lubricant used in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

Pack Size : 500 Gm; 5 Kg; 25 Kg